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October 8, 2014

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Working events is what Exquisite Cocktails do best because they know that clients want to dress to impress when it comes to hosting their event and that includes everything from the canopies to the drinks. Having worked with many multinational and high-end brands for cocktail events they have become a customised to delivering bespoke packages so each event is met with totally unique solutions that bring the best out in creativity and experience.

Cocktail Events, events, cocktails, corporate events, party, drinks, cocktail bookings

ISES UK AGM: The International Special Events Society UK (ISES UK) 2014 AGM. ISES is an association that provides a platform for the best practitioners in the creative event industry to connect and share ideas. The UK 2014 AGM is an opportunity to celebrate with awards and outline ambitious plans for the coming year. Exquisite Cocktails were asked for to provide a cocktail events  bar and entertainment service.

Cocktail Events, events, cocktails, corporate events, party, drinks, cocktail bookings

 The Venue:

This year ISES UK AGM event was hosted at the London premier underground club ‘The Egg’. The venue is home to leading nights in house and electro across its three rooms and garden area. The club has a reputation for detail in music and decor and is a very sexy venue, perfect for delivering a fun and exciting cocktail experience.

The Service:

Exquisite Cocktails always work with their clients to understand the style of the event how best to utilise the venue space. With a proposal for the AGM, Exquisite Cocktails brought a full team to the ISES UK event to deliver the following : 


Two hostesses (twins) welcoming all and offering luxurious canapes such a bramble jelly served on decorative trays.

Flair Bar:

Exquisite Cocktails only work with fresh ingredients, providing an experience that’s creative and entertaining for all of their clients. The bar was hosted by two mixologists and two flairers serving a bespoke menu of drinks created especially for the night.

Gelato Bar:

Gelato, the Italian ice cream made in a traditional way, the bar ran with Exquisite’s own Gelato technician with a support team serving delicious alcoholic ice-creams and sorbets throughout the night.

Cocktail Events, events, cocktails, corporate events, party, drinks, cocktail bookings

Cocktail Masterclasses

“Everyday is a school day” doesn’t get better than this as groups of twenty were expertly guided by an Exquisite Cocktails mixologist. Step by step, premier cocktails were made from fresh ingredients for the group to see how it’s done then have a go making it for themselves to enjoy, with very happy ‘students’ by the end each class.

Molecular Podiums

Creating exquisite cocktails is science as much as it is an art. Welcome to the science park of cocktails with the molecular podiums. This is where cocktails were deconstructed, with a mixologist serving members on the night as they got to play. At each podium they were enticed to taste, lick and pop all different elements of famous cocktails.

The Feedback

On the night the fun and experience delight the ISES members and organisers with so many stations of cocktail experiences. With many compliments on the night, the follow up on social media went wild with praise for Exquisite Cocktails providing such a memorable experience for all. ISES has since booked Exquisite Cocktails for their next event, there Halloween party on the 30th of October, where Exquisite Cocktails will be serving another ‘masterclass’ and serving ‘frighteningly good’ cocktails.  Don’t miss out on giving your event the very best, contact Exquisite Cocktails today on 01865 366 275 to find out more.

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