Here at Exquisite we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailored and unique services for any sort of corporate event. We understand that no two brands are the same and as such every client we have needs to be treated differently. Whether it’s brand activation, corporate entertaining, cocktails at an exhibition, a showcase event or just a good old staff party we will fit our services around your brand and the message you want to deliver.

We have a range of options for corporate events so whether you’re looking for a subtle understated service, or you want to shout about your brand at every opportunity we can help.


Branded Bars

We know better than anyone that the bar can be the focal point of an event, and the last thing that you want is a bar that doesn’t fit with the theme. For this reason we offer a range of bars for you to choose from. Whether it be a simple base colour with a decal like the Mercedes Benz bar (pictured) or something completely unique like the LinkedIn Living Bar with foliage (pictured). All our bars come in different shapes and sizes and fit into any venue so we’re sure we have the right one for you.
Often, when you have a large number of guests it’s easier to spread the service around the room. We sometimes recommend getting two or three smaller bars opposed to one large bar, this way your guests spend less time waiting for drinks, and you never end up with everyone crowded in one area.

Personalised Ice Cubes

Ever thought your drinks could do with a bit of branding? 
We can supply perfectly clear ice discs with any design you want set perfectly, in white ice, in the middle of the cube. Logos look great and you can customise the shape of the cubes so the design looks at its best.

signature cocktail

Having an event for your brand can lead to great press and media content. A signature cocktail can be a very cost effective way to get retweets and likes on your social media platforms as well as get attention from the press. We are always thinking of new and innovative ways to serve cocktails to ensure your brand is the talking point at the event.


Starting with a conversation about you and your event, our mixologists begin with a completely open mind and a blank canvas researching different aspects of you or your brand to design a drink to fit your guest profile and event.


Once the research as been done, we will hand pick each and every element, from the glass the drink goes in right the way through to the garnish that completes it, to ensure that everything has its reason for being there. This is the more timely stage of the process and we normally take a day of working on it to ensure the pairing of ingredients is absolutely perfect.


Once the mixologists are happy with the drink, we would be more than obliged for you to try it before the event. We will arrange a tasting session with you to showcase the new signature cocktail. This is also a great opportunity to talk about arrangements about your event and ensure the cocktail is served at the correct point in the correct way you wish it to be served.


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