Coffee Bar Hire

With the amount of events we go to and notice the strong demand for hot drinks, it was time for us to wake up and smell the coffee! With most of our staff knowing the difference between Lattes and flat whites we have gone to work in making sure we use the same Exquisite style and level of detail in serving great quality drinks.


An offering of a proper cup of coffee to delegates is a great conversation starter and keeps your team going through the long days on your feet. We are a one stop shop for coffees, smoothies and of course cocktails so get in touch for a bespoke package. Whether your stand comes with a bar or you need a branded standalone unit from us, we can make sure every box is ticked and the company you represent is looking on point.

Corporate Coffee Bar Hire

If you have an event such as a driving event or a product launch and need something that is going to stimulate conversation, then we can offer stand alone units and work on an unlimited package so you can make sure costs don’t go above your budget

Branding Your Event

Whether it’s a company logo or a hashtag that associates with the campaign, we can showcase it for you through the medium of drinks. We can offer branded bars with the logo on the front of the bar which will ensure we blend into the event. Other ways of getting your brand across include chocolate stencils for the top of the drink, branded cups and sleeves.




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