Liquid nitrogen ice cream

We know how important it is to treat yourself once in a while. First we brought you one of life’s luxuries in the form of cocktails, now we want to indulge you with something a little more childish.
Ice cream is one of the worlds most popular desserts. From the variety of flavours and combinations ice cream was definitely the prequel to our fascination of cocktails. But we think that there is definitely a science behind a great ice cream, not only the freshness of ingredients but in the process it’s made.
We are not prepared to settle for second best, it has to be the smoothest, creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted, and we think we’ve done a pretty good job of creating it…


Here’s The Science

When things freeze, lets take cream as a slightly predictable example, ice crystals form in the liquid making it stiffer. The time in which it takes to freeze is vital: if you freeze something slowly, ice crystals become bigger than they would in a faster freeze. For this reason we use Liquid Nitrogen, at -196C, it quickly forms tiny crystals whilst blending with the cream, leaving you with a much smoother finish. And let’s be honest, everyone prefers a creamy ice cream to an icy ice cream.

Is It Safe?

Let’s clear things up. Liquid Nitrogen is not really known about and the unknown is scary. Molecular gastronomy is becoming more and more popular and liquid nitrogen is used in most of the top kitchens around the world.
You have to use liquid nitrogen with similar precautions to hot oil, and when handled properly, it is just as safe. Yes, they both burn, and no, you wouldn’t want to swallow a glass of either but this isn’t to say they shouldn’t be used for culinary procedures. In fact Liquid Nitrogen is so safe it’s even used in medical procedures. We use only fully trained staff who operate with the strictest safety precautions and thoroughly tested equipment to ensure that any dangers are minimised. This coupled with extensive risk assessments and method statements means that you can be sure your event is safe.


at your event

What We Bring

We have been in the business long enough to know flexibility is key, so we can work on one end of a bar along side the cocktails at your party or we can bring our custom made ice station that can stand alone in one part of your room

Menu Choices

We recommend having 2 or 3 delicious ice creams or sorbets on the menu. This speeds up the service when making ice cream for a crowd. If you do have a favourite flavour or would like us to create a signature ice cream named after your event, then we would be happy to help. If there are any guests with allergies, we will assist them on making the right choice or make a custom mix so they don’t feel left out.

Alcoholic Ice Cream

Because we use liquid nitrogen to freeze our mixtures we can add spirits and liqueurs to them giving you and your party a taste sensation. When adding alcohol we use less than 1/5 of a shot in each scoop. Our gelato glacier will be on hand to answer any questions on measures.


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