Branded For Impact: Luxury Corporate Event Branding In London

Luxury corporate event branding

Written by Clara Wood

February 21, 2024

Luxury Corporate Event Branding: What it is 

Whether it’s a launch, brand activation, conference, seminar, trade show or charity event, luxury corporate event branding is how you communicate to the audience a story of your brand and also the individual purpose of the event. Aspects like the event logo, name, colours, themes and graphics all help to craft the event brand. Your event brand then needs to be powerfully showcased through effective event design.  


Event Bar design: Why it matters  

All event design elements of course need to be planned with meticulous attention to detail; and work in effortless harmony with each other. And what is to be at the heart of it all? Well, the watering hole perhaps?  Your bar is the centre of activity, and so is an essential area to pay meticulous attention to in order to transform your event space. An expertly designed bar serves as a striking centrepiece and a catalyst for blossoming relationships and essentially, must embody your events theme and purpose.

Luxury corporate event branding

How to do it 


What do you want to say? 

First and foremost, let’s go deeper than the pretty stuff. We are here to communicate your brand, your unique promotional message and what’s important that you want to stand out. No two events are the same, and all our work would be in vain if we didn’t get this part crystal clear first.    

Chose an event Theme  

Set the tone by choosing an invigorating event theme and corresponding name. A theme provides the foundations and direction for all that is to follow and will and provides the context for which your bar design will be drowned in! Pick an event theme that adds volume to your message and root it in everything you do to create a fully immersive experience that ensures your guests, quite frankly, leave their white noise at the door.   

Luxury corporate event branding

Brand colours and logo

Incorporating company brand colours into your theme and event colour scheme reminds everyone why they stepped into the function today. You don’t want to steal the limelight off the event theme so it can be subtle, no need to overcook it. Using brand company colours in food and drink, lighting, bar décor, displays, flower arrangements, printed materials and merch just gives your guest a gentle reminder of exactly who’s running this town.  


Generate visual impact with your bar design 

Here at Exquisite cocktails, we are able to bring your vision to life, working entirely to your unique needs. Using effective bar wraps and design systems, we can design and craft a visually exceptional bar to any brief you give us. Considering materials, structure, colours, lighting, ambience and props for an engaging bar display, we’ve got every detail covered including the ones you didn’t have time to think of.  

Luxury Corporate event branding

Menu and drinks   

Naturally, a pretty pressing aspect of the bar. You know that attention to detail is non-negotiable and this is to be reflected in the drinks and menu on offer. Whether it’s a brand activation, press launch, or conference impress your guests with something they can see and experience.  

We are dedicated to making exquisitely tasting and visually fantastic cocktails. Relying on our expertise, we consider elements like your logo, colours and brand persona to provide custom branded drinks and signature cocktails encapsulated in a bespoke menu that both hits the message home and hits the spot!  


Luxury Corporate event branding

Benefits of bespoke bar and branded features



Every successful event needs a hotspot, a bespoke branded bar becomes that draw point.  It is therefore a must to be expertly designed and visually exceptional and reflect you brand event. It creates a wow factor and links it to your brand, getting you noticed. Not to do so would therefore simply be a neglected opportunity.  


Connect people in a positive way and interactive way in the experiential economy. With exceptional experiences for your guests through aesthetics and flavours, let people experience your brand and be immersed in your message.  


With an experiential journey and visually captivating event landscape, create a positive experience with your brand and leave a longer lasting impression.  

Logistical paradise  

We design, create and set up your bar including stocking it with both booze and staff, so you nay bother!  

Ready to make an impact at your next corporate event? From branded cocktails and bespoke menus to visually stunning bar design, we take care of everything so you can focus on what matters most. Contact us today and let our team of experts help you craft an unforgettable event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Visit our online form for custom options.  

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