Why Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire Is Essential For Your Wedding: Everything You Need To Know

Your Wedding Day is one of the biggest days of your lives and deserves nothing short of the finest. Mobile cocktail bar hire is an excellent way to elevate your wedding whilst tailoring it to your exact desires. Understanding how important it is that every detail is the best it can possibly be on your special day, here at Exquisite Cocktails, we believe that everything from the taste, to the visuals, to the experience should be Exquisite.   


On the day that is all about you and everything you love, if your heart yearns for a Mojito, you deserve to get one. Whether you dream of Mojitos, Daquiris, or that random Apricot one you had back in Barbados ‘09, with our mobile cocktail bar service the sky’s the limit and we will make sure you get the drinks of your desires, no matter how particular.   


We pride ourselves on delivering exquisite cocktails, when you hire a mobile bar with us for your wedding, you can be sure to be delighted with not only exquisitely tasting but also visually stunning and head-turning cocktails that will be dressed to impress. Swapping from a bubbles only reception to crafted cocktails is a detail that will take your event up a notch.  


Choosing to hire a mobile bar for your wedding can be extremely cost-effective as we can work with you to design a package that perfectly suits you, and you can avoid spending money on all the unnecessary things you don’t need.  


Mobile cocktail bar hire is an extremely flexible option that can be setup in pretty much any indoor and outdoor locations and can be a stylish solution to hit the nail on the head aesthetically. We design our bars to be visually exceptional and to be made exactly to whatever theme or vision you may have. This includes crafting cocktails exactly to your needs, from striking the perfect balance of flavours down to the glass that it’s served in. From the windows to the walls and even the staff. Yes, we can put our mixologists in cupid wings with bows and arrows if you wish, and we will take great joy on doing so. Hiring a mobile bar for your wedding is a great way to add a bit of fun and lets your personality shine through.  


We believe in fun with sophistication, and our staff reflect that. Instead of just relying on freelance event staff, we provide carefully selected and vetted bar staff and mixologists that we know and trust and have been in the game for years. You can be sure that our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure your guests are truly looked after. They will also be able to offer insights and advice on how to fulfill your vision and what drinks are popular with guests as well as the opportunity to design a signature cocktail just for you and your day. 


Because of the flexibility and adaptability of choosing a mobile cocktail bar to hire for your wedding, this means you choose from and offer a wide range of alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. With our expertise, you can pick our brains and we’ll make sure you’ve got every base covered.  


Possibly one of the best parts of all this is the weight it takes off your shoulders. When you hire a mobile cocktail bar with us, you can forget about all the stress that comes with organising, supplying and managing a bar. Our experienced team will ensure a swift set up on the day, followed by a flawless service, making sure no one is left with empty glasses. You really don’t have to worry about a thing, leaving you to concentrate all your focus on the more important things, like who you’re going to sit next to Aunt Mildred.   

A mobile cocktail bar on your wedding day is a brilliant way to add a unique and personal touch, whether you’re aiming for unparalleled elegance or Rock ‘N’ Roll. On your big day we strive to create an unforgettable experience that not only meets, but exceeds your desires.  As a completely bespoke service we can do exactly what works for you and you can have as much or as little involvement as you want in crafting your drinks experience. We’ll make sure everything runs seamlessly, so you really don’t have to. If you’d like to know more about our mobile cocktail bar hire services, head over to our Cocktail Bar Hire section on our website or feel free to get in contact with this quick and easy form for more information

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