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The fun bunch at CTM asked to repeat our services we undertook at the 2015 BT Show, making sure that their guests on the stand were refreshed and excited by our delights.
With a short supply of space, we were asked to fit as much in as possible to entertain the crowds and attract the delegates to the stand. Being a service for the whole working day we were asked to make the menu appealing throughout the day.

We started the day with a smoothie menu, blending 3 different concoctions for the team meeting and then for the delegates during the morning rush. This was great as it was something different to every other stand that served coffee.
Later that morning and over lunch we served a menu of mocktails, quick refreshing drinks to whet the appetite of the thirsty networkers. We then also served up our liquid nitrogen gelatos which the crowds went crazy for. This was a great conversation starter for the staff on the stand to make contact with the prospective customers.
At 3pm we held a cocktail reception for the masses, word throughout the day had spread around Olympia and our guys made sure there was cocktails lined up on the bar ready for them. For the second day, we repeated the same format for the new show delegates.

Branding was crucial for the company as they had just changed name and all branding in the travel sector. We printed stickers with the new logo for the smoothie cups and ice cream tubs and we had logo ice cubes for the mocktails and cocktails. This always gets attention and with the liquid nitrogen attracting wonder and excitement, it created a great and energetic environment to be in.

The stand was definitely the busiest at the show, which was great as they had recently changed their name and all branding so awareness was key for them. I think everyone who attended the show came to the stand and left with something to remember the new company values.


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