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Client: UCL

Location: UCL Campus, London

UCL hold a very VIP event for their Alumni and investors into the university which entails some lectures. It was our job to unwind them ready for dinner and knock their socks off with the latest UCL marketing campaign. UCL were great to work with and keen to hear new ideas. They wanted something different to the normal bar hire service.

We went to work a couple of months before to design a cocktail that had attributes of the University and the new colourful campaign. We set out to incorporate English ingredients and come up with the Portico pleaser, the portico being the building the event was held in. We did hit a hurdle of doubt when we found out the most VVIP didn’t like Rhubarb, one of the base ingredients in the cocktail. We tried a few other fruits with the other ingredients and nothing came close but luckily the lovely event organisers gave us the green light with the original recipe.

We had the go ahead to design a bar front with the marketing for the campaign as well as the signature cocktail that matched the colour scheme. We then had portico ice cubes made and these sat on the Portico pleasers and attracted lots of attention with the guests. We also had drink builder recipe cards that went in goody bags so the guests could make it when they got home.

The Portico pleaser was loved by the guests, so much so that we have been invited back for a repeat event later this year. Even the VVIP liked it with his comment being ‘That’s made me like rhubarb again’
The great hot pink bar really stood out and lots of cameras were out for pictures of the portico ice cubes. As you can see, we did have a great team on as ever so our thanks to them for their sterling work. We even had time to do a few poses with the bar.


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