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Festival Of Marketing

Client: LinkedIn

Location: Tobacco Dock

To enhance the experience of LinkedIn’s exhibition stand at London’s Festival of Marketing they asked us for a cocktail bar that would be interactive and exciting for delegates.
Our great client had a brilliant theme in place and designed the exhibition space to have a science lab concept. That meant for us, we had to deliver an offering that was quick to put together to deal with the high volume of delegates and something that reflected the concept as well as the company’s high end profile.
With our branded LinkedIn lab coats, Liquid Nitrogen ice cream was our first go to and we served a couple of flavours each day. Our Salted caramel Espressotini went down a storm as well as our Peach & Prosecco sorbet with infused rosemary and bay leaves. This refreshing treat for delegates was a hit and enticed more guests in when they saw people walking away with delicious looking ice creams.
For the drinks, we sent in the expert cocktail makers! We designed a board with a range of ingredients which delegates could choose from. They’d give the cards to the mixologists who would then mix them a great tasting cocktail served in brown medicine bottles. This was a modern take on an apothecary setup and we installed a bar that suited to a tee. We also made sure all the props and equipment was in keeping, conical flasks and mixing vessels at the ready.
Overall, we loved the playful side of this event. The bartenders enjoyed the variety of drinks and having to think of balance in the drinks. It’s always great having to be the chief tester of liquid nitrogen ice cream too!.


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