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Hot & Cold Molecular Cocktails

Client: Metro Broadcast

Location: Four Seasons Hampshire

The lovely team at Metro Broadcast asked us to provide some after dinner entertainment for their pharmaceutical client at the end of a training week. The subject of the training week incorporated a hot & cold theme so we were asked to bring these elements into our drinks as well as set it all up in 30 minutes.

As the guests moved out of their last session of the day, we moved in from another door and set up behind a LED bar hired by the client. With the theme in mind, we served Smoked Whiskey Sours from decanters with maple wood smoke pouring out onto big shards of ice as the hot drink, and for the cold, we brought in our liquid nitrogen ice cream maker and churned our Raspberry Mojito sorbet with liquid nitrogen and served them in our finest martini glasses.

We didn’t realise before hand that it was a fancy dress party and we were blown away by the effort the guests went to. Kraftwerk made an appearance as well as various medical parody costumes not forgetting to mention the chap dressed as I dream of Jeannie who had quite the impressive cleavage using water balloons.
The guests danced the night away and were intrigued by what we were serving them. Our bartenders were on hand to explain our molecular cocktails and had fun interacting with the guests.


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