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Mercedes-Benz Dealership Launch

Client: Mercedes-Benz

Location: Cheshire Oaks

One of our long-standing clients called and asked if we could assist with a dealership launch for Mercedes-Benz; absolutely no problem at all, the only slight curve ball was that it was in Cheshire. Not really that much of an issue, it just required a bit more forethought than an event on our doorstep. Among the requests were a branded bar, Mercedes-Benz branded ice cubes, and an enticing mocktail menu for those that weren’t driving…definitely a sensible idea.

We rented an extra-long wheel based van and set off at the crack of dawn up the M6. Arriving mid-morning we had given ourselves the best part of the day to set up our 7 metre Mercedes bar that was designed to look like it was a permanent feature in the dealership, unload the 1,500 glasses we had taken with us and all the stock to fill them with. Two of our staff spent the day sorting everything and making sure that we were ready for service before a team of 5 more staff (sourced through local contacts) arrived to assist with service. At 5.30 the door opened and the 350 guests arrived in quick succession. Our staff churned the cocktails and mocktails out ensuring that no one went thirsty while they were given the tour and coaxed into purchasing new motors. A small opening speech delivered by Gary Neville was given, the ribbon was cut and as fast as they arrived the guests disappeared. We were left to tidy, pack-down and make our way back down the M6 to the south of England. A long but rewarding day!


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