Virtual events

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty bored of Covid now and keen to find different ways of interacting with our friends/staff/clients but without actually meeting them – bring on the era of virtual events! We have put together range of services that can be done in the safety of your own home and the best thing is that we take all the hassle out of them for you.

Virtual cocktail masterclass

These are great for client events, Christmas parties, staff parties, teambuilding, in fact near enough any excuse you can think of.

We will package up a luxe black box for all your guests, containing all the ingredients they need to make three delicious cocktails. Which cocktails they make is up to you – we have a range of boxes to choose from. You can also choose to send them all a neatly packaged set of equipment which they can keep too. If you’d rather not, that’s fine, it’s not essential and they can get by using bits they have round the house – it turns out protein shakers have more than one use! We will then post everything to each guest in good time so they have all the bits they need. Have a browse through our cocktail boxes here

We then organise a Zoom meeting for all of your guests to log into, on which, we will take them through making all of the cocktails in the box step by step. In between each drink we will disappear and give you time to enjoy the cocktails and chat amongst yourselves.

The masterclass takes about an hour from start to finish and is not only great fun but also a refreshing break from the monotony of work and Covid life.


Don’t worry, this isn’t your traditional tasting. We aren’t going to send you some whiskies to try and bore you about the distilleries, the blokes that started them, and the types of peat they’ve used to flavour them.

Our whisky tastings are a “Call My Bluff” style affair and the best bit is that while we host the tasting, it’s you and your guests that have to convince everyone that they are telling the truth.

We will box up 5 x 50ml whiskies in bottles marked only with a number. We then have cards with descriptions on them – three cards with different descriptions for each whisky. We will throw these randomly in the boxes. As we all try the first whisky together we will ask which guests have the descriptions for whisky number 1. They will then have to read their descriptions as convincingly as possible. We will ask every guest to write down who they believe, and then hold them to the screen so we can make a note. This game continues for all 5 whiskies.

Once we have been through them all we will reveal the answers one by one and see which of your guests has some worrying powers of persuasion!


This is a concept that we are particularly keen on…

It’s inevitable that a lot of people are currently spending their weeks in the house, sat in front of their computer with very little to break up the day. So we thought to ourselves, how could we help people to start the weekend, learn a new skill, and also have a drink while they’re doing it?

So this is what we have come up with…

Sign your team/friends/family up to our happy hour drinks service for as many weeks as you like and every week we will send them a small box filled with all the ingredients they need to make a single cocktail. If they haven’t got the kit they need you can also buy those off us or just make do with things you have around the house. At the end of every week at 4.30pm we will host a Zoom meeting for everyone that has signed up, on which we will take everyone through how to make the cocktail of the week. It will last about 20 minutes and is a great way to signify the end of the working week and the start of a care free weekend!


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