Vodka Spotlight: Get to know our faithful companion

Vodka Facts

Written by Clara Wood

April 24, 2024

Vodka has stuck by us over the years, whether in a Cosmo, Espresso Martini, alongside Vermouth or simply as it comes. Take the time to get acquainted with your loyal partner… it’s only polite.   

Most Vodka is not made from potatoes

Straight in with a shocker. Contrary to popular belief, most vodka is actually not made from potatoes. It can be crafted from various combinations of ingredients depending on where it’s made, however it largely comprises just four ingredients: water, wheat, rye and barley – not a spud in sight.  

This, coupled with a multiple distillery process also renders vodka the purest member of the drink’s cabinet – making it an excellent and versatile base for all sorts of cocktails.   

Vodka the Dermatologist

Vodka is actually bursting with anti-oxidants. Surprised and delighted. When applied directly to the skin, these help protect the skin from free radicals, preventing skin cell damage and premature ageing. Simply apply the vodka directly to the skin and leave for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water for that influencer glow! Yes, we are being serious. Alternatively add your vodka to your bathtub water for the ultimate spiritual soak.  

vodka facts

It’s Heart-smart

Not only is vodka packing anti-oxidants, Vodka dilates the blood vessels, helping to improve circulation and prevent clots from forming. It’s low sugar content helps to control sugar levels in the blood and as a natural diuretic, it helps to remove excess fluids from the body, all of which help to lower blood pressure and reduce risks of coronary diseases. As per the age old saying, a shot a day keeps the doctor away…?   

Buckets Full

Up until 1885, if you’re bringing vodka back to the function, you’re rocking up with 12.3 litres of it, as up until then 12.3 litre buckets was the only form you could buy it in. Straw anyone? Costco would’ve been all over it.  

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Vodka means Water

While it remains unclear exactly where Vodka originated from, the word Vodka either comes from the Russian word voda or Polish word woda translating to ‘little water’.  I suppose this feels pretty appropriate considering the spirit is primarily made of water. In fact, in order to be classified as vodka, it has to be made from at least 40% water.  

The time when Moscow drank the city dry

Yes, you read that correct, and it was one hell of a party. When the news came in on 9th May 1945 that the Germans had surrendered the Second World War, vodka lids in Russia were unscrewed across the nation, never to be returned to their vessel.  Citizens filled the streets, and free from war the vodka continuously flowed. For about 22 hours…until the republic officially ran the city out of it. Would hate to have been the guy on stock control that night..  

Facts about Vodka

Out of this World

Despite NASA’s strict no alcohol in space policy, Russian astronauts seemed to have craftily wangled their way around this and were permitted to drink small amounts of vodka on their space station, as prescribed by doctors. Talk about a themed bar! 

Vodka is lighter than water  

Although you might prescribe a night of 6 double vodka tonics to a heavy night of drinking, vodka is in fact somewhat lighter on its feet. It is Russian after all. Twinkle toes over here actually weighs in lighter than water. With 1 litre of Vodka weighing 950 grams compared to 1,000 grams for water.  


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