A Taste of Luxury: Enhancing Premium Corporate Events with a White Label Coffee Cart

White Label coffee cart

Written by Clara Wood

March 13, 2024

A White Label Branded Coffee Cart service is an engaging and immersive tool to take your branding beyond the boardroom and submerge your audience in your Brand story.

What is Corporate Event White Label Coffee Cart Branding?  

Corporate Event Branding is the notion of distinguishing a unique identity for an organisation and it’s event. By engaging the audience through an intricate yet seamless interplay of themes, event name, logos, colours, visuals and experiences,  the unique properties of the event should tell a cohesive story and immerse your audience in it, communicating your brands message and the distinct purpose of the event. 

White label branding, means we provide a completely blank canvas for our coffee carts and services so we can then work with you to design and bring to life your branding through the unique design of your event coffee cart and features, with as little or as much input from you as you wish. 

What Kind of Events do They Cater?  

White Label Coffee carts are an excellent way to provide a unique and experiential element, with the flexibility to accommodate to a wide range of corporate events. Whether it’s a product launch, brand activation, trade show, conference or seminar or even for a bit of in office appreciation, the beauty of a mobile coffee cart is that they can slot in to pretty much anywhere and with our bespoke branding options and wide range of flexible packages, they can be made to suit any event.  

Corporate Events Significance  

Brand Awareness

We believe that getting noticed is about going that little bit extra. By offering a premium coffee experience, with distinctive design around and linked to you brand and event purpose, it’s going to stand out.  This means that your brand and core event message takes centre stage and people are interacting with your brand, even on their coffee break.  Through carefully thought out design elements and placing, that we take care of, your message is being disseminated through the hands of your guests throughout the event to get your message and purpose across.

Branded Coffee Cart Hire
Brand Impressions

Through showing attention to detail, by offering premium, barista quality as well as through clever and relevant design, you exude a premium and professional quality.  Showcase to your guests what you can do through a seamless and well thought out of event element that aligns with the cohesive communication of your story, as well as making sure they know you’re looking after them.  

Through a professional service, you can build the right image, helping to convey your brand persona and resulting in building all important relationships.

Brand Impact

creating a luxury experience, you foster a positive mood not only through a premium caffeine hit but also through excellent execution. Clever and quality white label coffee cart and features design, allows this mood to be positively linked to your brand, building powerful brand association.  

Going even further and offering your audience the opportunity to customise their barista beverage, you create an interactive and personal environment. This unique element delivers an engaging and immersive experience, ensuring a longer lasting impression.   


Things To Consider When Choosing a White Label Coffee Cart 

Quality of the beans  

Of course you can have all of the aesthetics designed to your hearts wildest content, but at Exquisite, we believe the proof lies in the pudding. Critical to luxury coffee, is ensuring your beans are of high quality. Exquisite cocktails proudly partnered with ROUTES Coffee, who are committed to sourcing high quality and carefully selected beans. Being just a stone throw away from our office,  enables our beans to be freshly roasted prior to your event, ensuring every cup we serve is of a premium quality and as fresh as can be.  

Sustainable Coffee Cart Hire
How Ethical the Ingredients are 

ROUTES Coffee beans are only sourced from sustainable farms, and being so close to our office means they don’t have to travel far to get to us, reducing CO2 emissions and minimising our carbon footprint.  


It’s all very well investing in your guests experience, but what if there isn’t anything on offer that they like? Whether they like Americanos, Cappuccinos, iced coffee, decaff or don’t like coffee at all… we can build a menu to that makes sure everyone is thought of.  

The Level of Customisation You Want 

Do you want set packages or do you want to be able to build a flexible package around you and have more control over your needs? Including specific branding, themes, menus and having more control over a budget that suits you. We offer a completely bespoke service that allows you to have as much or as little involvement in the creation of your unique package. Whether you have a very set idea for your event or want to pick our brains for some suggestions, our experience provides us with the tools to make sure your event makes an impact.  

Branded Coffee Cart Hire
Staffing, Set up and Supply  

Our Baristas Our baristas are passionate about coffee and are trained to create exquisite, beautifully crafted beverages that will leave your guests feeling satisfied and energised.  Our All of our team have come fully vetted and carefully selected and are experience and knowledgeable in the art of premium events. This allows them to provide a professional and expert service, including a lightening fast set up, seamless execution and personal service that goes above and beyond for your guests. 

There’s no need to fret about the logistics like staffing, set up and stock supply, we’ve got it all covered, so you can concentrate on the main event.  


If your interested in delivering a premium branded coffee experience, get in touch today to discuss how we can make a caffeine fueled impact at your next corporate event.  

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