Audi Graduation June ’13

Written by Anthony

Director of Exquisite, I enjoy pushing boundaries in my professional and personal life. Exploring new ideas, finding out how things work and looking to innovate and expand on the idea. I enjoy working with people and completing projects that stay in peoples memories.

November 21, 2013

Every few months a number of Audi staff pass through an internal training program and subsequently ‘graduate’ into their jobs. Naturally this is something that needs to be acknowledged and commended and what better way to celebrate than a cocktail party?!

On this occasion we were invited to a hall in the NEC where we would be sharing a room with Scott Mills who was spinning the decks for the night. Not wanting to be outdone by a celebrity DJ we thought we ought to supply Audi with something a little bit special, so we turned to our good old friends at PSD Ice Art. For that personal touch they said they could make us completely clear ice cubes with a perfect frosted Audi logo set in the centre to sit on top of our drinks; this sounded like just the ticket, so we decided to put them to the test and ordered 1000. True to form they did not let us down; as the doors were flung open at the start of the event and the 350 staff members descended on the bar in the space of no more than 10 minutes it was clear that we were onto a winner. Everyone grabbed cocktails crowned with the logo cubes and instantly started taking photos. They were such a talking point, we even got Scott Mills to pose for the camera with one of our quattro mojito’s. We really enjoyed the event and we are excited to be invited back for their December graduation. Watch this space.

[youtube_video] lAvSSctYQ1A [/youtube_video]


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