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How do you throw the best office Christmas party?

Want a festive celebration for your staff or clients that’s a bit different this year? Find out why Exquisite Cocktail Masterclasses are the ideal Christmas party choice.

The office Christmas party is a wonderful way to show appreciation for employees and co workers. A festive celebration Christmas party with cocktails is definitely fun and colourful. An Exquisite Cocktail masterclass solves the conundrum of pleasing everybody as a cocktail party offers yummy drinks, entertainment and get-involved activities all rolled into one.

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Built In Success

The office Christmas party is a great time to celebrate that another year of success and growth and possibly challenges faced as a team has been shared. Cocktails are the mark of a special occasion that reinforces the message of more than just a ‘’good job’’ and is a memorable way to drink to all of those shared moment with the ‘second family’. Depending on the size of your company or department you can even add a branded bar and welcoming hostesses to mark the occasion and give your team the ‘special VIP treatment’.

Hands On Fun

Now this isn’t a reference to grabbing your colleague after the fifth champagne cocktail.  
Though quick fact for you, research shows that more than a million people have turned up to work the next day wearing the same clothes as the day before – doing the work ‘walk of shame’ after the staff Christmas party, so bring a bag of fresh clothes to the office and no one will be any the wiser!

 How do you throw the best office Christmas party?, christmas party, cocktail party, office party, office cocktails, masterclasses, office party oxford, office party oxfordshire, company, christmas

Now, imagine the scenario, it’s 10am Christmas day, the Christmas PJ’s are still on, the Turkey is roasting perfectly, and you turn to your loved ones with “Who fancies a lychee Martini, a classic Caipirinha or a Evergreen Swizzle?”  as you pull some mint leaves from your sleeve and crack some ice with your elbow.
These winter warmer cocktails go down nicely in all ways. An Exquisite Cocktails masterclass provides  the opportunity for everybody to get their hands on mixing, shaking, throwing and hopefully catching cocktails shakers and spirit bottles.

Exquisite Cocktails mixologist’s work for some of the biggest brands around the UK and Europe to entertain and showcase cocktails as premier experience. You’ll get to experience first hand some coaching from our expert mixologists as you share each other’s cocktail creations and learn thing or two about what makes a beautiful cocktail.

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Nothing To Prepare

Maybe you’ve been tasked with the job of ringing round bars, caterers, taking office Google polls on who likes traditional, buffet or Pizza, pinning taxi routes, hassling the boss for his credit card and quite frankly spending more time doing a good impression of Anne Diamond on ‘points of view’ as you skill-fully handle the good, the bad and ugly of ideas of office parties.

Well no need to put any ice cubes on as one of reasons why masterclasses are so naturally popular round this time of year is that Exquisite Cocktails bring everything for you. They bring the equipment, the drinks, the ingredients, the host, the set up AND deliver a fun that is an all inclusive experience. What a relief ! This year an office party that isn’t hard work!

How do you throw the best office Christmas party?, christmas party, cocktail party, office party, office cocktails, masterclasses, office party oxford, office party oxfordshire, company, christmas

Santa is in town

Exquisite Cocktails prides themselves on Masterclasses that  guarantees office and team parties go down in company history as one of the greats! From 25 to 250 to 2,000 people, in the office or a special location they love to ensure that every masterclass will have your colleagues swept of their feet with laughter quicker than Santa can say “Take me to the stars Rudolph!”. Prices start from only £35pp to help you throw the best office cocktail party ever.  For further information on packages and services across the UK call Exquisite Cocktails on 01865 366 276 today. 




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Exquisite Cocktails have the pleasure of working with high-end brand, companies and organisation across the UK. On their travels Exquisite Cocktails have created themed bars and brought branded drinks to many different types in sizes of venues.  
Here are six cocktail venues perfect to celebrate any occasion. 

Spencer House, London

Spencer House was built 1756-66 for John, first Earl Spencer, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. Spencer House own website states that the house was “ the most ambitious aristocratic town houses ever built in London and is, today, the city’s only great eighteenth-century private palace to survive intact.” Situated in the heart of St. James’s, Spencer House is a short distance from Buckingham Palace and regular opens it doors to visitor. Exquisite Cocktails had the opportunity to host an event for Standard Bank, the largest bank group in South Africa.  Spencer House’s backdrop and lavishly decorated rooms make the venue a prime location for corporate events.

Brocket Hall, Welwyn

This 13th Century estates that boosts two golf courses and seven smaller listed building within the grounds of the main house. Brocket Hall is a tall red brick neoclassical house in a fine landscape setting with a Palladian bridge. The interior of the house is mostly not on a grand scale but the exceptions are the main staircase and the Grand Saloon that was decorated specifically for entertaining royalty. Exquisite Cocktails were very pleased to be part of an corporate event to ensure the drinks matched the location – exquisite!

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exquisite cocktail venues

The Egg, London

As highlighted in our recent blog post on ISES UK event that was hosted at the underground club The Egg.  The rotation of global DJ’s spinning the metaphoric ‘wheels of steel’ most weekends and is firmly established in the London nightlife scene, Egg London has also proved itself as a successful corporate venue, playing host to many different private functions from intimate product launches with external garden and bar areas available for hire. Exquisite Cocktails recently provided hostess, Galacto bar, mixologist masterclasses and flairers with bespoke drinks on the night ensuring everybody was entertained.

Royal Exchange, London

The Royal Exchange in London was founded in the 16th century by the merchant Thomas Gresham to act as a centre of commerce for the City of London. The original Royal Exchange building was completely destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. As part of his rebuilding of London, Charles II laid the first foundation stone for the second exchange to be built on the site.  The present Royal Exchange building, opened by Queen Victoria in 1844, was designed by the English architect Sir William Tite. The Royal Exchange  has a range of additional event spaces to suit all requirements; both the Mezzanine Lounges and Courtyard spaces can be hired without shutting the venue exclusively and provide a stunning backdrop for corporate and private function parties.

The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey

 The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey offers a charming location for cocktail events. A classic yet contemporary facilities, the Sculpture Gallery offers private gardens, overlooking the Camellia lake makes for a beautiful location. Woburn Abbey is a historic house on the border of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. The early 17th Century estate is home to host to weddings, concerts, corporate and private functions.  Exquisite Cocktails have previously provided their mixologist and a bespoke bar  at the Sculpture Gallery catering cocktails and champagne for a truly memorable event.  

The Ice Tank, London

The Ice Tank is a premier and very futuristic looking event space in Covent Garden. The space is perfectly designed for cocktail parties and can cater for private functions, fine dining, press releases and launch parties.  The Ice Tank has 2500 sq ft space spread over two levels with 12 x 12ft door access into the main area of the studio.

Amenities include wi-fi, stereo system, two plasma screens, an HD projector and even a fireplace. When Exquisite Cocktails were asked to host a bar for a VIP product launch the team flairers and mixologists brought their the lighters and talents for a truly jaw but not glass dropping show serving flaming shot, bespoke cocktails and champagne with canopies.  Part of Exquisite Cocktails core service is that within any proposal there is a strategy that sees the aesthetics of each venue to bring about a perfect solution for each event to create a truly exquisite cocktail experience. 

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We at Exquisite Cocktails are part of a group called “The International Events Society” or “ISES” for short. ISES put on monthly events for its members providing them with creative content, great opportunities to network, and above all, a bit of light mid-week entertainment. As members we like to do our bit, so organised the bar for one of the latest talks they were putting on at The Music Rooms in Mayfair. Working alongside Agogo’s Caterers who were serving some amazing African food, we put on a small menu of cocktails for all of the guests.


Whilst listening to inspirational speaker and self-proclaimed “idea’s man” Shed Simove tell us how he once changed his name to God, and recount the tales of all the whacky yet successful inventions he has put to market, our bartenders served up a list of our favourite cocktails. We even took our flairer Chris along to provide some entertainment in between talks. The night was a great success for all involved.


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Chambers are one of the biggest corporate travel companies and we wanted to make their marketing reposition launch special, so we composed a menu of cocktails from around the world, pretty cliché? Maybe, but we turned some modern classics on their head. ‘Bramble jelly’ canapés took stage as our British contribution on the menu, along with a ‘Virgin Redhead’ and personalised ice cubes topped the ‘C.T Mojito’.

The event, held at the Ice Tank in Covent Garden, was split into two parts, designed to reflect the old and new branding of Chambers Travel. The guests arrived greeted with champagne, and no less than Veuve Cliquot: they were to drink this for an hour or so while the DJ played calm background music. This part of the evening was the old Chambers Travel, the brand that they had outgrown. Once the music stopped the speeches begun, explaining the rebrand and the new businesses that were incorporated as a part of it. The explanation was given and an electric violinist made her way through the crowd playing some rather more lively music than had been played initially: this was the cue for our flairers to start performing, and time to open the cocktail bar. The whole atmosphere had noticeably changed in an instant to one far more upbeat and excited much like the CEO’s aspirations for the company’s new identity.

Ably assisted by four lovely Virgin Cabin Crew we had been gifted as waitresses our bartenders served the guests drinks for the next two hours. They served everything from ‘CT Mojitos’ through to ‘Bubble Cosmopolitans’ with cranberry bubbles on the top, wowing the guests as they keenly propped up the bar.

The event ended at 9.30, at which point we were informed we had only an hour to clear up before the venue was to be cleaned for the next function. So we speedily packed up and made our way home satisfied that we had pleased all the guests we saw that evening.

Check out the video of some of our bartenders in action..

IMG-196 IMG-156IMG-5IMG-2IMG-3IMG-153aChambers Menu 03


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A few months ago we received a call requesting a quote for a wedding that was to take place in the grounds of a castle in the heart of the Cotswold’s. Once the quote was sent we heard nothing for a couple of months. Much to our amazement, about six weeks before the wedding the phone went, it was the mother of the bride asking if we were still available for the big day and whether we’d be able to help out. Naturally we were flattered to be asked and said yes immediately.

We were told we would need to be there for the whole day; not only serving drinks for the evening party, but also to put our own twist on the champagne reception after the service. As soon as we arrived it was clear that the bride had gone all out on creating the wedding every girl dreams of; the castle was stunning, the wine and champagne selection was impeccable, and the entertainment was second to none.

As the 120 guests flooded out of the church they were greeted by a vintage wheelbarrow loaded to the brim with magnums of Pol Roger champagne on ice, glasses of which were being handed out on trays by an army of waiting staff. Right alongside were trays of our carefully made raspberry mojito’s and an encouraging number of the guests hit the cocktails early.

After two hours the guests were ushered in for dinner, this was our cue to prepare the bar for the evening. The colour theme of the wedding was ‘raspberry’ so we prepared all the ingredients needed to make a plethora of beautifully pink drinks while the guests enjoyed their food and sipped the accompanying vintage wines.

Once the speeches were done we were open for business and the guests wasted no time in ordering cocktails. Our bartenders didn’t move from their sections for the best part of two hours, constantly serving drinks at the guests. The band providing the entertainment for the evening were brilliant, performing an array of covers without massacring any of them. The only interruption to their set was a surprise performance from string quartet “Bond”, which was a performance that I don’t imagine will be forgotten in a hurry, Stunning… The music wasn’t bad either.

As we packed up and the guests left the bride came and offered us her thanks; a gesture that made the whole day all the more rewarding.


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Every few months a number of Audi staff pass through an internal training program and subsequently ‘graduate’ into their jobs. Naturally this is something that needs to be acknowledged and commended and what better way to celebrate than a cocktail party?!

On this occasion we were invited to a hall in the NEC where we would be sharing a room with Scott Mills who was spinning the decks for the night. Not wanting to be outdone by a celebrity DJ we thought we ought to supply Audi with something a little bit special, so we turned to our good old friends at PSD Ice Art. For that personal touch they said they could make us completely clear ice cubes with a perfect frosted Audi logo set in the centre to sit on top of our drinks; this sounded like just the ticket, so we decided to put them to the test and ordered 1000. True to form they did not let us down; as the doors were flung open at the start of the event and the 350 staff members descended on the bar in the space of no more than 10 minutes it was clear that we were onto a winner. Everyone grabbed cocktails crowned with the logo cubes and instantly started taking photos. They were such a talking point, we even got Scott Mills to pose for the camera with one of our quattro mojito’s. We really enjoyed the event and we are excited to be invited back for their December graduation. Watch this space.


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