Winter Wedding Inspiration

We’ve had the privilege of catering numerous extraordinary weddings, featuring awe-inspiring displays set against breathtaking locations, but there’s something magical about a winter wedding on the lead up to the end of the year, where you can transport your guests to a dazzling Winter wonderland.


Ambient lighting displays are essential in creating a seamless wonderland experience, especially at a time of year when days draw shorter. Think about lanterns, uplighters, tealights, spotlights, LED lights and of course lots of candles will be important not only from a visual aspect but also a key player in creating an atmosphere.  

winter lighting
Seasonal Feast

Spoil your guests with rich and indulgent winter flavours. Think hearty yet decadent seasonal menus from perfectly balanced canapes on arrival through to warming midnight bites and s’mores around the firepit. Fill the hearts and tummies of your guests with on theme delights that counter the chill of winter.   


winer wedding breakfast
Cozy cocktails  

A winter theme opens up a vast world of flavours, infusions, and design possibilities. With spicy, smoky, and indulgent tastes practically begging to be thrown into a shaker, a festive colour palette paves the way for exciting and innovative creations. Our team will meticulously craft visually stunning and theme-inspired cocktails that offer inventive twists on classic favourites, as well as working closely with you to come up with a signature cocktail that perfectly aligns with you and your wedding. Think flavours of chocolate, deep berries, subtle orange, sloe gin and wintery spices putting fire in your bellies and footwork in your fandango.  

winter cocktails 1
Winter Tablescape  

Winter Weddings lend themselves brilliantly to rich, full tablescapes of flowers, foliage and candles. Think long and continuous garlands of seasonal foliage and berries dressing long tables contributing to elaborate and full floral displays, hand tied forest green or burgundy velvet bows around cutlery, tall, elegant dining candles, sprigs of rosemary, dried fruit and pinecones adding a subtle festive touch. Not only do these look lovely but they will add a lovely scent to the table.    


Make sure to have a bar that blends seamlessly into the theme. Whether it’s a graceful winter woodland themed bar marrying golds and ambers or an elegantly effective white wedding theme drawing on metallic and icy blue accents. We will work to your needs to craft a visually stunning bar that works harmoniously with your theme.    

bar wingteer
Winter themes  

No two winter weddings are the same! Think about how you’re going to incorporate winter into your wedding design and what sort of theme and colour scheme you want to go for.  

  • Some winter theme ideas include: 
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Winter Woodland
  • Monochromes #Red wedding
  • White winter wedding  
  • Christmas greens and reds
  • Icy blues and whites
  • Starry night  
  • Bohemnian winter  


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