Planning Your Dream Occasion With Exquisite cocktails Luxury Cocktail Service: 9 Ingredients For Crafting The Ultimate Bar

Written by Clara Wood

February 14, 2024

Organising the bar for your event is no mean feat, it can be a daunting task with unexpected elements and complications popping out as you go along that’s far more than the heart can take. But fear not weary party planner, and feel free to indulge in our expertise in the form of a list of 9 ingredients that we have curated, which will guarantee you to stir up luxury cocktail service success at your next private party. 

1. Know Your Crowd 

Before you dive into the deep end of the locally crafted barrel, take a moment to think about your guests preferences as well as yours. As much as this is about you and your event, thinking about whether your guests are more of a classic cocktails, innovative concoctions, beer belly enthusiasts or designated drivers crowd is important in ensuring everyone enjoys the celebration as much as you. 

2. Signature Cocktails 

Featuring a signature cocktail is an effective and sophisticated way to add a touch of uniqueness and exclusivity to your event. It’s a simple tactic to make the event that bit more memorable and importantly is a way to reflect you and your personality.

luxury cocktail bar hire

3. Bar choice 

When selecting your bar you need to be aware of a few factors to ensure it fits in harmoniously with your event. How much space have you got? How many people are you serving? If it’s a big area, do you perhaps need a couple of bars? You also need to determine if there is already a bar at the event that you’re going to adapt or if you need a mobile bar. Or perhaps a Gin & Tonic Tricycle to fulfil all of your quintessential British needs.

4. Theme 

The event theme is the vessel in which your guests are able to be  transported away from the outside world. It can be completely extravagant or fantastically subtle, but we believe working around a theme is essential in ensuring your guests are fully immersed in your event. And more important yet, is making sure this is consistent throughout the whole event, including at the bar. 

Here at Exquisite cocktails, we design and create aesthetically outstanding bars completely bespoke to you and with attention to detail firmly at the forefront. So we can make sure your bar corresponds seamlessly to your event theme, whilst looking aesthetically mesmerising.  

5. Customised

As mentioned earlier, customising aspects to your event is what elevates your event to a new level and creates a more immersive and lasting impression. We firmly believe in meticulous attention to detail in everything that we do, which is why we pride ourselves on being able to excellently craft and customise every detail included in the design of the bar, to the menu, to the staff, down to the drinks ingredients themselves to make sure everything resonates with you and your personality.  

cool bar

6. Non-alcoholic 

Making sure your non-alcoholic options are just as good can go a long way to add sophistication to your event and show you’ve really thought of everything. Go beyond just shoving a few cartons of orange juice and cans of 7UP on the side, have a selection of artisanal crafted mocktails which look and taste just as fantastic as the real deal and make everyone feel included.

7. Quality ingredients 

While you’re no doubtedly keen to stock up on every beer, wine, spirit and mixer imaginable- Facile Tigre! Go for quality, high class ingredients that will ensure the flavour and presentation of your cocktails and drinks exceed expectations, rather than having a wider variety of less so selections. We believe in absolute flexibility so we can work with you to craft a package tailored specifically to you, nothing more, nothing less.

8. Experienced bar staff 

Proven and experienced bar staff with all the skills and knowledge completely transforms your guests’ experience. Not only does this ensure speed, efficiency and skill in their crafting of cocktails but it also ensures a professionalism and charisma to engage with the crowd and give accurate recommendations and flexible drink twists! At exquisite cocktails all of our bar staff come recommended and are carefully selected as we pride ourselves on only the highest quality service.

expert bartender

9. Interactive Cocktail bar Entertainment  

Adding an interactive element to your event bar is a novel and refreshing way to hype up your event. We can infuse interactive elements into our service, from flamboyant flair bartenders to enabling guests to do things like build their own cocktails or get a personal cocktail made for them, making your occasion more engaging and memorable with a fun and unexpected twist! 

At Exquisite Cocktails, we specialise in delivering bespoke luxury cocktail experiences. Elevate your event with 9 ingredients – from signature cocktails to visually exceptional displays- and let us craft an exceptional bar experience that seamlessly blends with your vision. Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable event.

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