Expertise At Your Service: Expert Mixologists and Flair Bartenders For Premium Corporate Events

Planning your next corporate event? Ensure your guests are looked after and impressed with seamless delivery and a personal service. Here’s why you need expert mixologists and flairers to make a corporate impact at your event.  

Stand Out 

Making sure every inch of detail is thought of including the quality of the service is what is really going to transform your event and make it stand out. Whether it’s a product launch, brand activation, conference or seminar, this event is a reflection of you. Professionalism, quality and commitment to the excellence demonstrated in this event is how attendees are going to view you and your brand. Mediocre staff mean you will be assigned to mediocre impressions. 


When it comes to luxury corporate events and experiences, they’re the best in the business. Our expert event staff didn’t get to where they are today by under-pouring pints and spitting in peoples drinks. At Exquisite cocktails, our fantastic mixologists and bar staff have come fully vetted and recommended. Not to mention that, but we also have a highly severe punishing system that can be compared to that of barbarians, if they put so much as a single slice out of place. 

Top Quality Service

Expert Knowledge and Service 

Our expert mixologists aren’t just geniuses in the art of molecular enchantment, they are also masters in the art of charm and debonair! Not only are they sure to whip up a sure thing Espresso Martini, but our trusted team of  bartenders are sure to put in every effort to whip up a smile! Experts in the industry our mixologists enjoy sharing their pearls of alchemy wisdom with guests and and wil ensure the highest quality customer service as well as personal recommendations to engage your guests and make sure they are looked after with the utmost care.  

Guaranteed Stress Reliever 

Putting in place reputable, trusted and skilled bar staff with a proven track record, is assured to put your mind at ease. Not only do our bar staff ensure a flawless service and quite fantastic drinks, we also take care of all the set up, stock and clear up and with experience of thousands of events, we think we’ve got pretty slick at it too. Knowing that your guests will be in the safe hands of our wonderful team whilst taking care of all the logistics takes the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the important stuff.

Expert Mixologists


If you want to add a bit of pizzaz to your event, Flair bartending adds excitementand and builds an atmopshere.  Entertain your guests and bring people together as our fabulous flairers toss, flip, twirl, jump and dive around in a curated performance that is rumoured to be compared to that of Mariinsky. Incorporating this extra detail heightens the luxury of your event to ensure that it shines as a premium occasion. If you wanat to create that buzzy vibrant ambience, then this just might be the ticket! 

Seamless Execution Seals The Deal  

Hiring expert bartenders and mixologists who know what they are doing, love what the are doing and above all are bloody great at it. It’s is an attention to detail that really seals the deal in terms of the overall event flow and experience. You’ve put all the effort in to making sure your event can happen so far, but of course 90% of it lies in the execution, so don’t throw it away at the final hurdle. Flawless service and event execution is what really transforms an event experience for your guests from complete pass to absolute class. 

Expert Bartenders

Customised experience  

As fountains of cocktail knowledge, if you can think of it, they can make it. Naturally your event will have a perfectly curated and customised menu as selected by you, but with expert mixologists you can go the extra mile. Expert mixologists can alter and curate drinks exactly to individual guests tastes, not only will this cater to your guests individual needs, but also creates a more interactive and engaging experience leaving a longer lasting impression. This extra detail never goes a miss.  

Find out more about how we can help to elevate your event thanks to our professional and hand selected team of Expert Mixologists and Cocktail Flairers. Click below for more info on our bespoke staffing solutions to create a memorable brand activation, launch or press event that makes an impression.

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