Top Ideas To Reignite Team Spirit And Client Relationships: The Answer To Corporate Events In 2024

Combatting burnout in 2024?  These are our best corporate event ideas to Reignite Team spirit and client relationships.  

Forget resolutions, focus on recognition! 2024 is the year to unlock the power of appreciation in sparking enthusiasm and solidifying relationships. Research shows that taking a moment to say thank you to your team and clients at corporate events goes a long way in keeping them engaged and driving the company forward. Appreciation fuels motivation. Here’s a few ways you can create corporate events to boost morale and reignite the passion in 2024. 

corporate bar


Hiring a mobile cocktail bar for a corporate event is a great and convenient way to invite your employees or other stakeholders to loosen up and have a cold one on you. Corporate event Mobile bar hire is flexible to your needs and can be set up in pretty much any indoor or outdoor location and as a bespoke service we can tailor and design the drinks package exactly to you. Think of a theme to add a bit of light hearted fun that we can design the mobile bar and drinks around or we can help you get creative with some branding features to impress attendees and help break the ice! 

Make the experience even more engaging by turning happy hour into an interactive and memorable corporate event cocktail masterclass experience! Now is the time to really put your employees’ skills to the test or build relationships with clients in a fun and unique way.  



Is there an air of post-holiday lull around the gaff? Is there a better solution to zap away the dead energy then a freshly brewed cuppa joe? Surprise your hardworking team with a Mobile coffee cart and hot chocolate pop-up or elevate your corporate networking event with some fresh barista coffee and delicious treats served from a beautifully designed company branded cart. Create a positive environment for creative brainstorming and fantastic networking conversations and make sure your team feel supported, with a warm caffeine fuelled hug.  

corporate event cocktail masterclasses
corporate event cocktail bar



We believe that lukewarm buffet lines lead to relationships as stale as the finger sandwiches within them. Come in on smoke and serve up some hype at your corporate event with a unique and fresh showstopper, Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream bar. Make a truly engaging and memorable experience with wacky flavour and topping pairings as well as visually dramatic clouds, not to mention the silkiest, most delicious ice cream you have ever experienced. More than just a sweet treat it’s a conversation starter; driving desserts and relationships, and of course it provides yet another opportunity to plaster your brand or event mission all over ice cream wafers, tubs and spoon, ready to pose as a snappable offence.  



Show the people that matter to your company how much you care for them inside and out with a wellness smoothie bar. Whether you aim to switch it up at your next conference, surprise your team in the office or incorporate into a wellbeing day, we can seamlessly set up a smoothie bar with a custom branded menu and option to have a fully branded bar that represents you. With diligently concocted and deliciously refreshing smoothies, our sophisticated superfood smoothies are made fresh to order with the highest quality and seasonally sourced produce which are sure to tackle stress, boost the mind and soothe the soul. 

corporate event wellbeing wellness
corporate event liquid nitrogen

2024 is for reigniting the passion, so invest in your people, invest in their loyalty and invest in the success of your company in a way that everyone enjoys- one sip at a time. Celebrate your company, in style. Click here for more information on what we do and how you can get your corporate event started. 

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