Adding Style to Events with Gin and Tonic Tricycle Hire

Gin and Tonic Tricycle Hire

Written by Clara Wood

February 28, 2024

The Humble Gin and Tonic, with its rich British heritage, that can usually be found in any pub, bar or middle-aged woman’s hand come 5pm. Is there a combination more iconic than the tart burst of gin, with the refreshing snap of bitter tonic and crowned with the quintessential adornments of ice and a slice?  A duo that is enough to quench any qualm of the modern mortal.  Gin and Tonic Tricycle Hire is a convenient and stylish way to roll in iconic flavours and quintessential charm into your event.  


Gin is Loved, Gin is classic, Gin is sophisticated

The Gin and Tonic is one of Britain’s most favourite drinks, there’s a reason why we’re still drinking it after nearly 200 years. It’s a timeless classic, providing an unparalleled refreshing taste that makes it relatively hard to resist. I say, give the people what they want!  

Excellent Alcohol-free alternatives 

There is an excellent portfolio of no and low alcohol gin alternatives out there, making it an accessible and inclusive choice. With plenty to choose from, all of your guests can jump on the G&T bandwagon and still being capable enough to drive it home after.  

Gin and Tonic Tricycle Hire


With its subtle juniper base, gin can be mixed with a pretty much any flavour making it one of the most dynamic spirits on the market, and providing limitless cocktail possibilities. It can take many forms of strengths, tones and flavour profiles as well as being easily transformed by adding various flavour infusions from orange, to toffee, to lavender. With the vast array of flavoured gins to choose from as well as tonics, and its adaptability to virtually any cocktail, the flavour possibilities know no bounds!  

Looks impressive  

This versatile veteran can naturally be served in a range of ways and with a range of garnishes, colours and theatrics to dazzle your guests. Traditionally the G&T is served in a highball glass, but we think the big Copa balloon glasses look effortlessly impressive and give a luxurious feel.  


Stylish Gin and Tonic Tricycle Hire 

A Gin and Tonic Tricycle will provide a unique and eye-catching, sense of timelessness to your private occasion. Depending on your individual event desires, a Gin and Tonic Tricycle provides the perfect solution to balance an air of refinement and sophistication whilst creating a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere.  


Essentially a bar on wheels, hiring a Gin and Tonic Tricycle couldn’t be easier. With effective storage solutions and without out taking up too much space, our Gin and Tonic tricycles can be set up in any indoor or outdoor environment and can be flexible to your unique event space. It’s effortless set up means our experienced bartenders can have it ready before you can say ice and a slice!   

Gin and Tonic Tricycle Hire


At Exquisite cocktails, we recognise the deeply personal nature of events, and the importance of curating an event that is completely unique to you. That’s why we offer a bespoke service, where we work with you to understand your personal vision, and bring it to life. We are able to completely customise your Tricycle to pretty much any brief, while offering expert knowledge and insight from previous experience to provide innovative designs that reflect your personality.  

Visually Impressive

Gin and Tonic Tricycles are right in trend in the world of events, and it with their classical design, it will be hard to get them to budge. Not only are they practical and look smart, but they act as a visually appealing and impressive design prop themselves. As well as being customised to any theme or brief, they play to the ever-popular retro aesthetic to inject an air of nostalgia into your event, and make your guests feel even more connected. It’s an elegant and classical design that proves to be a refreshing visual detail to any event. 

Transform your occasion with the undeniable charisma of a Gin and Tonic Tricycle hire and charm the pants off your guests with the refreshing taste of an expertly crafted Gin and Tonic. Click below to find out more about our Gin and Tonic Tricycle hire and sample menus, and to discover how we can create a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

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