Halloween Cocktails

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October 7, 2013


For Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails…

We are offering everything you need to make your event or party go exactly how the man downstairs would like. Muhahahaha!

Smoking Coffin Themed Bars with dry ice and Zombie Bartenders will definitely set the tone amongst your guests not to mention the Halloween cocktails…

Flaming Zombies – Light and dark rums shaken over ice with orange , lemon and pineapple juices, and grenadine syrup. Served tall with an inside out half lime, filled with Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum and set on fire with burnt Nutmeg….Just make sure it’s not still on fire when you drink it.

Squashed Frog Shots – Midori, and Advocaat layered with grenadine syrup plunged through the middle

Smoking Whiskey Sours – Makers Mark, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, angostura bitters and gooey egg white pre-made in a shaker then poured into a carafe to be smoked with maple wood smoke and poured into short glasses with smoke pouring everywhere

Slowly Creep Up On You – Koko Kanu, Midori shaken over ice with lemon and pineapple juices. And served tall with a green melon flavoured foam

All of course brought to your venue.

Remember, we here at Exquisite Cocktails know that every event is different and we pride ourselves on providing a complete bespoke service for all of our cocktail events. Halloween Cocktails are no different and we know different and we, like all of our events, enjoy pushing the boundaries on not just are cocktails but the whole package.

Contact for pricing. www.exquisite-cocktails.com/contact

Wishing you a very scary Halloween.

A Cocktail of a Flaming Zombie and a Squashed Frog

A Flaimng Zombie & a Squashed Frog. Cocktails from our Halloween Cocktails Package

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