Milton Keynes Academy Prom

Milton Keynes Academy Prom

Written by Anthony

Director of Exquisite, I enjoy pushing boundaries in my professional and personal life. Exploring new ideas, finding out how things work and looking to innovate and expand on the idea. I enjoy working with people and completing projects that stay in peoples memories.

June 22, 2013

For the second year running Audi came to us at Exquisite Cocktails and asked us to supply them with a ”mocktail” bar for the prom at one of their academy schools they sponsor, Milton Keynes Academy. Last year this request had been met with uncertainty and trepidation; we’d never done an evening event for a school before and had no idea what to expect. However we enjoyed the first visit so much we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The brief was simple, a small bar, two flairers, and 4 hours service, it couldn’t have been easier. The pupils loved the mocktail menu, although there was the odd mumble that cocktails would have made the night even better, naturally these requests were ignored by our bartenders…  The flairers were the focal point of the night, and we even had an email from the school telling us how some of the kids had “fallen in love” with them.  So all in all, we all left happy…but definitely not as happy as the students who’d finished school for the year.

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