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The Calatrava Kicker

Initially we wanted to create a drink that reflected the “simple, strong and refined” lines of Patek Philippe’s watches; something that would sit well with the kind of customers that are the proud owners of these stunning timepieces. Patek Philippe, as a brand, conjours an image of suave, sophisticated gentlemen. Our natural step with this in mind was a Martini of some descripton. The following explains how we came to the signature cocktail we designed.


The Glass
A crystal cut tumbler, masculine like the majority of the watches, and a symbol of pure elegance.

Hendricks Gin 30ml
Chosen for its use of rare botanicals and the way in which it is created. Made only in very small batches, it reflects the same ethos of quality and fine workmanship that have been watch-words for every aspect of Patek Phillipe’s production.

Cointreau 20ml
Used instead of a vermouth for its slightly sweeter taste and ability to bind flavours and round off the taste of the drink.

Lime Juice 20ml
Used to take the sweet edge off the spiced syrup and balance the flavours.

Spiced Syrup 15ml
Handcrafted, and made using the finest ingredients.

White grapes x6
A subtle fruity flavour added to the drink without overpowering the fine flavours of the spirits used.

Orange bitters 3 dashs
Used to balance the drink and to enhance flavours