Sub-Zero & Wolf Cocktail Party

Written by Anthony

Director of Exquisite, I enjoy pushing boundaries in my professional and personal life. Exploring new ideas, finding out how things work and looking to innovate and expand on the idea. I enjoy working with people and completing projects that stay in peoples memories.

October 25, 2013

High end refrigeration company Sub-Zero & Wolf put on a function at their Brompton Road showroom last year for a group of interior designers that have bought, or might potentially buy, products from them. In the downstairs area of the showroom they have recently built what they are referring to as ‘The Subterranean Studio’. Working with the best in bespoke interiors they have created a unique space to display all of their products. With areas like a cigar room, and living kitchen it is only sensible that they have their own bar too. It was here we were asked to supply a mixologist to serve the designers with whatever drinks they wanted. To add something a little special we had prepared some Bramble jelly cocktail canapés too for the guests to enjoy as they arrived. We made these in two layers, the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup were jellified on the bottom layer, and then a second purple layer of Crème de Mure sitting on the top. Garnished with a fresh blackberry and soaked in gin for good measure they are a great extra to any cocktail party.

As the guests arrived they were all handed a jelly and then pointed in the direction of the bar where are top flairer Chris was throwing bottles about and producing great drinks at the request of the designers. Serving drinks off his forearms, and elbows he was certainly the centre of attention for the evening.  As the guests moved through the show room they were able to enjoy the cigar room, study area, and look at all the demonstrations that were taking place whilst enjoying their bespoke cocktails. We thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and pace of the evening and would love to work with Sub-Zero & Wolf again.


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