Hugo Boss “InStyle” Events

Hugo Boss “InStyle” Events

Written by Anthony

Director of Exquisite, I enjoy pushing boundaries in my professional and personal life. Exploring new ideas, finding out how things work and looking to innovate and expand on the idea. I enjoy working with people and completing projects that stay in peoples memories.

November 10, 2012

Whilst at an event last year we came across the Marketing Manager for Hugo Boss and got chatting to her about the launch of their new perfume. “La Nuit” was a new women’s perfume and was set to have a launch event in ten different stores nationwide all on the same day. Two of the stores hosting these events in central London were to feature small shows, and talks on women’s fashion. We were asked if we could work alongside a new champagne company called “Gout de Diamants”, or literally “Taste of Diamonds”, and provide a champagne cocktail reception at each of the ten stores for all of the guests turning up. This was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Logistically it was not simple, we had to deliver everything required to each of the ten stores, the locations of which stretched from London to Manchester, all in a day. Once everything was in place we sent one of our staff to each location to work alongside a member of the Gout de Diamant’s team, and host the evening. For the duration of the event they were to provide champagne cocktails served on trays for all of the guests who were attending by special invite.

At many of the stores the atmosphere was fairly informal and the guests were able to browse the shop whilst sipping on some delicious high end champagne. However the two flagship stores, namely Sloane Square and Regent Street, were hosting press, photographers, and many of Hugo Boss’ top employees.  As the evening drew to a close everyone seemed happy that all ten events were an unprecedented success.

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