Why You Need a Mobile Cocktail Bar For Your Corporate Networking Event

Mobile cocktail bar

Written by Clara Wood

April 3, 2024

In the evolving world of business events, crafting engaging and memorable experiences is essential to successful events. A Mobile cocktail bar offers the opportunity to drive distinct and immersive experiences. Through expertly crafted, premium tasting cocktails coupled with one-of-a-kind, quirky pop-up bar designs and features, you can create an exciting environment and throw your guests at the deep, creating an enjoyable experience and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.   


Captivating and fun pop up bars   

The beauty of pop-up bars is their chameleon like abilities. Their ability to adapt their skin to any environment paves the way for striking bar designs that can put a playful twist on your event as well as creating a much needed focal point to your event space. With a completely blank canvas pop-up mobile bars can be tailored to your theme which aids an atmosphere as well as working to immerse your guests in your event.   

Mobile Cocktail bar

Enhanced Guest Experience   

The best aspect of a mobile cocktail bar, at least in the eyes of your guests, is you enhance their experience not only through playful bar designs but also through visually stimulating and unique drinks displays and importantly, delicious and professionally crafted drinks. In aid of going above and beyond, step away from standard refreshments and make a statement with a selection of fantastic cocktails and mocktails. Make sure attendees look back on your event fondly with an elevated drinks experience coupled with the highest quality service that comes from an expert team.

Mobile Cocktail bar

Happy Environment for Networking   

In providing beautiful cocktails both to admire and taste (if we do say so ourselves) and culminating an uplifting and engaging environment you foster a favourable mood for creating meaningful connections. A mobile pop-up bar promotes a relaxed environment as well as a natural conversation starter where guests can share interests in certain cocktails, wines or beers or previous cocktail horror stories (Disclaimer: we weren’t there). Command smiles across the faces of your guests and watch as they network with glee.   

Brand Image and Value Alignment   

A key aspect of a successful corporate event is the corporate event branding. With a design from scratch, a mobile cocktail bar offers the canvas to incorporate branding into the bar design as well as any other related details such as the staff, drinks, glassware, lighting e.t.c. This ensures you have event branding consistency across all touch points, reinforcing your identity and providing complete alignment with your brand image and values.   

With fantastic visuals, the cherry on top is of course that you provide an instagrammable offence, where attendees can snap, hashtag and share pictures of impressive displays across online platforms, with your brand seen from every angle!   

Create an event hashtag for some serious eWOM love. 


Mobile Cocktail bar

Flexibility and Convenience  

As their name would suggest, mobile cocktail bars are fantastically versatile. They can be set up virtually anywhere and can be tailored to fit your individual event space and needs. Our experienced team are well equipped for a slick set-up so can have your bar set up in no time, meaning you shall not fret about the hassle of setting up and clearing and can focus on the rather important element of getting involved and engaging with attendees.  


As it becomes increasingly harder to stand out in the corporate event world, a mobile pop-up bar provides an effective solution to captivate attendees and create an experience they actually enjoy. With extensive experience, Exquisite Cocktails ensures flawless execution and a professional service. Get in contact today about our bespoke branding services and find out more about how we help you to deliver a truly unique experience. 

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