Why you need a Signature Cocktail for your event


A signature cocktail embraces a unique, predetermined cocktail or two that is completely exclusive to your event. It’s a one of a kind libation that aims to represent your personality and individual event and works to provide an immersive and and memorable element and overall event experience.  

Signature Cocktail




Creating a sugnature cocktail around you and reflecting yourt personality and tastes allows you to tailor the event and adds a personal touch. A signature cocktail offers your guests a glimpse into your quips and quirks ad serves as a well thought out detail to further immerse your guests in your event.  



Having a predetermined drink or two means the guys behind the bar will be able to whip them out on the double, meaning your guests spend less time queuing (yawn!) and more time on the D-floor, ensuring everyone has a better time.  

Signature Cocktail


Providing select drinks options means you know exactly what ingredients your will need for the evening, meaning the drinks order can be more tailored  and far more cost-effective.  



Ultimately, signature drinks are exclusive to that particular event so they add a unique twist and sense of careful attention to detail that overall makes the event feel more special and memorable. 




Unique To You  

Essentially, this drink is about representing you so make sure you craft a drink that you enjoy, that’s really the best part so don’t neglect it! be it wine, whisky, vodka, or gin… punchy and fruity or subtle and botanical, the world’s your Oyster!  Then the art is to weave in a bit about yourself like your favourite place or a specific memory and link it to the cocktail.  

If it all feels a little daunting, thinking about your preferences can be a great place to start, then you can leave the rest to expert mixologists who will be able to listen and work with you to craft the drink of your dreams.  

Event Theme and Colour Scheme  

Your event is likely to have a theme or a colour scheme, creating a signature cocktail is an excellent way in which you can reinforce and enhance your events theme by crafting a specific drink to complement it.  A well executed theme or colour scheme is seamlessly incorporated throughout an event, and this includes the food and drink so don’t miss put on this effortless opportunity to do so!  

Catchy Name and Presentation 

Of course you want an exquisitely tasting drink but thinking of a clever name and equally impressive presentation is what really brings it all together and helps to create that memorable impression. Thinking of a name and design elements that again reinforces you and your unique event, thinking about the event themes and colours will really grab your guests attention. With this basis, and our years and years of premium event and design experience, we can work together to craft a truly unforgettable cocktail that will have your guests talking all night!   

Signature Cocktail

Complement The Season and Location  

You could consider reflecting the time of year in your drink, for example light and refreshing flavours for spring and summer cocktails, while winter events beg for warming spices and boozy hot cocktails. Depending on the occasion you may be able to draw inspiration from you venues surroundings and incorporate this into your signature drink. For example locally craft liquors and ingredients that reflect local traditions. However essentially its your drink and if you want a tropical beach side inspired drink in the height of winter, then by Jove you shall get it!  

Non Alcoholic 

An important thing to think about is ensuring everyone feels welcome. And in the age of health kicks and responsible ingredients, sober serves up the latest hype so you certainly want to make sure you take this into consideration. Thankfully in this period comes with it a revolution of alcohol-free spirit alternatives which we can help you source to drive just as equally delicious mocktail varieties.  


As far as your signature drink is concerned, whether you’re totally set on an idea or are a little unsure, let us execute it to perfection an showcase your personality. With our years of dedication and experience in the premium drinks and events industry we’ve seen it all and we’re keen to keep pushing the boundaries of excellent drink crafting.  

Get in contact today to discuss further how we can help you leave a lasting impression at your special occasion.

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