Oxford Mulled Wine Pub Crawl: The BEST Mulled Wine in Oxford

Written by Clara Wood

November 23, 2023

Oxford; London’s quainter, prettier, arguably less overpriced, more convenient and far more agreeable cousin provides the perfect festive day out. And what is critical to any sort of merry activities at this time I hear you ask? Well it is mulled wine of course! Exquisite cocktails have scoured the land of Oxford in quest for the best mulled wine money can buy! After breaking our backs, trekking, sipping and critiquing we have compiled for you a ranking of Oxfords mulled wine hotspots. So pop over to this charming city and grab a mulled wine or two at an authentic Oxford pub, and let the merriments commence!


The Victoria

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Up first, it’s a strong start for The Victoria Pub in Jericho.  A generous serving, full of flavour and impeccable vibes. 7.5/10

Turf Tavern

Screenshot 48

Now The Turf Tavern is a personal favourite but I can assure you no bias was was used in the evaluation of this mulled wine. Perfect balance of naughty and spice and of course the setting is as jolly and festive as it comes. 9/10

The Rickety Press


I think someone got a bit happy on the Brandy, but if that’s your jive, what do I know! Resultantly a little more bitter earning this pub an equally bitter 6/10.

The Jericho Tavern

Screenshot 51

From one extreme to the next, definitely the sweetest of the lot. Full of flavours of cranberry, quite the treat! Solid 7/10.

Jude The Obscure

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 23 at 09.38.13 3cd57555

Not as sweet as it’s neighbours at the Jericho Tavern, so depends on preference! Dog and boardgames give this place a bit of an edge. Chuck in the 10% student discount and everyone’s laughing! 7/10

The Chequers

Screenshot 50

Being the oldest pub in Oxford, you’d hope they’d learnt a thing of two over the years. Bloody lovely! 8/10

The Crown


Well it’s not all lights and ribbons for everyone!  Talk about Bottom of the Barrel! Like a watered down warm red wine. I’m sure this must have been an off day because The Crown is usually pretty epic. Disappointing. 3.75/10


And the Winner is……Turf Tavern! Pretty flawless delivery from Turf as per, but safe to say Oxford is bathing in the riches of quality (mostly) Mulled Wine spots.

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