Colonial Bar Design

Written by Anthony

Director of Exquisite, I enjoy pushing boundaries in my professional and personal life. Exploring new ideas, finding out how things work and looking to innovate and expand on the idea. I enjoy working with people and completing projects that stay in peoples memories.

February 24, 2014

Whenever people come to us and ask for a typical pricing structure we always find it difficult to respond; we have, and always will, sell ourselves as a bespoke service provider. The word “bespoke” however is not one that we are overly fond of; it’s a word that is used all too freely nowadays, and seems to have almost lost its meaning. In our case it would be wrong to sell ourselves as a bespoke service if all we were doing was changing the menu at each event and selling the same packages around it. It’s for this reason that we have adopted the attitude that there is no request too big for us to try and meet.

2013-07-20 17.35.50

From start to finish we tailor our packages to the client offering a range of options that will make their event both exactly as they want it and memorable at the same time. Our bartenders craft unique cocktails to our customers wants, our sommelier consultants will provide wines to perfectly compliment any menu, our ice company can do near enough anything you want given enough time, and our bars can be organised to fit with any theme.

Take for example our Music on the Hill event that we did in July this year: a charity festival organised to support three very worthy causes with a list of celebrities as long as your arm performing. We had undertaken the VIP bar for the three festival days and found ourselves in a rather impressive marquee that had a 45 degree view of the stage. The whole VIP marquee was to be furnished by Karen Millen OBE, but no one knew what her grand plan was for the area. After a meeting with Karen it was decided that the theme for the area was to be a ‘colonial’ one: unsure of what this meant exactly, we thought we ought to do some research and head to the drawing board to design something suitable.

karen Millen

The idea we came up with was a 6m wooden panel bar with a cushioned leather rail as it seemed to fit with the leather armchairs and bamboo tables Karen had picked out. Once we’d made our decision we spent hours carefully designing the bar exactly how we wanted it and drawing it up so our shop-fitters could get to work with no confusion. Closely overseeing the project from start to finish we watched our designs come to life. We couldn’t have been happier with the finished product, and were especially pleased when it got the thumbs up from Karen. In the marquee it sat along the back wall of the tent as the focal piece of the room, and served its purpose more than sufficiently during the event, including when the Crystal Palace cheerleaders came to mix up a few drinks.


Our bars are something we pride ourselves on and we aim to make sure that they fit in with any event we do; there is genuinely no request too big for us to consider.

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